Sharks & Rays

Sometimes even mentioning the word Shark to divers is enough to keep them out of the water, for me, you say that word and I'll be pushing you off the boat and out of the way so I can get in the water. I truly love Sharks, getting good photos of them though is one of hardest things you will ever try to do. Many Sharks need to keep moving, if they stop, they basically drown. Some Sharks though have managed to get by this little evolutionary quirk and can settle on the bottom, they tend to make better muses, but hopefully one day I will get up close and personal with some larger more pelagic beasts! Rays are also included in this category because if you go back far enough in the evolutionary timeline, both Sharks and Rays have a common ancestor, the verged off in different evolutionary arcs, which means technically Rays are Sharks that just went ahead and developed massively oversized pectoral fins and poisoned stingers.