Common Seahorse – Kata Beach

Common Seahorse – Kata Beach


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Keeping with this week theme of Seahorse photos here is a very dirty little Common Seahorse (Hippocampus Kuda), why is he dirty, well just look at him, obviously has not had a bath or shave in a while.

Usually you don’t get Seahorses covered in hair or algae like this one, I would say this is a local adaption to the algae strewn sand that makes up much of your Kata Beach diving. There is not much to hold onto and less in the way of things to camouflage against, so many of the Seahorse we find out there have developed thin layers of what looks like hair.

Guess that makes this Seahorse a bit of a ginger as his algae hair is a very red colour, which of course under the water is perfect as it blends in with everything as it’s the first color to disappear, so he most looks very dark and gray until you shine some light onto him.

This one is also just a baby, I’d say no more than 2 or 3cm high, we stumble upon him now quite regularly as he has found a home on the sand between two of our favourite spots, if you know the area keep an eye our for him as he is usually between the anchor and first 4 set of cubes, or sometimes just slightly South of the first 4 Set of cubes.

Looking for more Seahorses, check out everything you can find on Kata Beach!

Sea Horses Of Kata Beach

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