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This is another one of my favourite moments from my travels in Burma/Myanmar, it was a night dive, the sites name I’ve sadly forgotten with time, it was insanely uncomfortable because the water was filled and I do mean filled with krill, tiny shrimp like animals that absolutely love dive lights. It was a total OMG moment, it felt like you were swimming around in jelly, they would get in your ears, your shorts and anywhere else that wasn’t entirely sealed up tight.

This made it nearly impossible to do any photography, I have couple photos on me placing my lights and letting the krill swarm over them, while you sat in relative blackness. It actually gave me an idea, never waste an opportunity for taking photos, theoretically I could attract krill with the light to one area and hopefully get a few photos from the dive by quickly finding a subject somewhere else. So this is exactly what I did, with a much smaller torch, I spotted this guy, turned off all my lights, placed one of my video lights on the rock above me and waited. When I thought the krill couldn’t get any thicker on my other light, I turned on my second and snapped a few photos of this Fimbriated Moray.

I don’t think he was ready for the shot at all, in fact the instant blinding light pissed it off substantially, but he stayed long enough to get this photo, and there’s only a few krill throughout the shot, sometimes you have to be inventive under the water when it throws you these kinds of curve balls.

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