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Frog Fish Richelieu Rock


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Depending on where you dive the dive the most, Frog Fish may not be as interesting to you as they are for me, In Phuket, Thailand and many of the other area’s of the world I’ve dived, Frog fish are extremely rare, hard to find, and usually hidden in places making them impossible to photograph, so I was pretty happy when I was at Richelieu Rock in the Similan Island’s and found this Frog fish outside of his usual hiding place and chilling out catching some sun, or shrimp more likely.

It would have been a fairly easy shot to take if not for the ripping current, this guy and his buddy usually hide at about 18 Meters on the north west side of Richelieu inside of a crack covered by Anemones and sharp rock, the crack is easy to find as it’s on a corner of the rock that sticks out like a headland from shore, this is also where the current like to rip across, some days you can poke your head up above the rock and next thing you know you have whiplash from the force of water smacking you in the face.

I decided to give it a go, get the shot and move on, I was only going to get maybe one of two tries because I needed two hands to take the photo and did not want to spend the whole dive kicking like a mad-man, finning as hard as possible into the current & into position, trying to stay in place and get a steady shot of this Frog fish, in the end I took three photos, two he had his mouth closed, and this one with his mouth open which I like much more, it shows his little teeth and gives him some real personality in the photo.

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