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Glass Shrimp – Well That’s What I’m Calling It Anyway


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If you can’t find a door make one, it’s a favourite saying of mine I apply to photography, essentially, if you can’t find interesting critters to photograph, try taking interesting photographs of critters that most people will dis-regard. The dive in question was a muck/macro dive with not much going on, we would find an anemone after 10 minutes of swimming, see what was on it, take some photos and move on.

At some point though I ran across a rusted bucket with some green leafy stuff growing on it and decided to investigate a little closer, I was rewarded with this little, almost wholly transparent Shrimp. I tend to refer to these guys as Glass Shrimps, but honestly they probably have a nice long scientific name that I can’t be bothered to find right now.

Setting up the shot was extremely difficult and frustrating as I could not for the life of me find the little guy in the viewfinder of my camera. The more I looked at the LCD screen the more I just saw green leafy plant and not the shrimp, I mean I know it’s in the frame somewhere, but if you can’t find it, you will have absolutely no chance to get the correct focal range for the lenses to make the subject of your image sharp and clear.

Also this Shrimp is very very small, not only transparent, because that would be way to easy. So it was about the size of a rice grain of rice, moving around, completely transparent in murky water and some wishy washy current thrown in for good measure. That will frustrate anyone, but with macro shooting I think you sometimes develop a slight tolerance for shooting in less than optimal conditions and you just get on with the job and hopefully at times produce something dazzling like this little Shrimpy on his electric green tree thingy.


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