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Hairy Frog Fish & The Poke Urchin


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Another great dive, another great find. Hairy Frog Fish, also know as a Striped or Striated or frogfish, Latin name (Antennarius striatus). These guys are not easy to find, I’ve seen one, ever, this one. Although he is not as hairy as they can get it was still a special moment for me under the water, it was finally time to tick Hairy Frog Fish off the bucket list of critters I desperately wanted to see in the Philippines.

I spent some time just watching this one and not photographing him, he was dead still in the muck and wasn’t going anywhere, I figured I’d have plenty of time to think up a nice shot and see if I could get it. Sadly nature & fate had other ideas because, while I hovered near him, out of absolutely nowhere, a red spiny sea urchin rammed him in the buttocks. I’ve honestly never seen anything like what happened that day, the urchin in the background just appeared and at speed made straight for the Frog Fish, running hard into him and continuing to do so for the next few minutes.

That’s how I was able to get the reds and blues in the background of this shot, an angry Red Sea Urchin trying to stab the only Hairy Frog Fish I’d ever seen. Of course the Frog Fish eventually took offense and began moving, making a good photo more difficult. Plus every time the Frog Fish settled, the Urchin would change course and ram the Frog Fish again. I’m not even joking, I’d set my shot up, just to hve it ruined again and again by that [email protected]#king urchin. I’m not a fan of interfering with marine life to get a good photo, but that day was testing my patience to be sure.

After a while I figured I’d try to use the Urchin to my advantage and get it in the background of the shot. This was my final attempt, the Frog Fish vs The Urchin, enjoy!

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