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What happens when evolution gets horribly drunk and mates several different animals together? That’s right, you get a Seamoth, personally I think it looks like a cross between a Thorny Lizard, an Ant Eater, a Flying Gunard and just for good measure throw in a Dinosaur of your choice. All that aside though, they are marvelous to find, but absolute ^%$#@’s to photograph.

When you get close to them, they turn their tail toward you, no matter how you move or approach them, they will always do this, making side shots difficult, and portrait shots a near impossibility. The only way I’ve found to photograph these little buggers properly is to have a second photographer who sits in front, the Seamoth will turn, hopefully in your direction and you can get some nice photo’s. If you are using a light like I do, it makes it even harder, they absolutely hate any kind of non natural lighting and will shy from it immediately.

In this photo, just to be clear we are not touching or harassing the little guy, I wanted my buddy to put her fingers down to get a sense of scale, usually I don’t have a buddy when taking photos. Anyway eventually got a nice side profile shot of this Seamoth, again he is probably only 3cm tip to tail, very small, you will need super keen eyes to find them, but keep an eye out on the sand, we usually don’t see them deep, normally 8 Meters and above, sometimes as shallow as 2 or 3 Meters.

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