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On a day with insanely strong current and 1 meter visibility I decided to go hunt for one of my favourite subjects, Sharks! Thankfully I know where a few Bamboo Sharks like to hide out during the day and thankfully they were where I had hoped.

During the day these little guys, only about 4 feet long, are extremely placid and relatively friendly to big lights. They do eventually move off but sometimes I’ve gotten maybe 3 – 4 minutes with them staying perfectly still, which is nice, because the silt where you find them is so fine even tiny movements will kick up so much particulate matter that photos are impossible, try doing this with customers or students!

I managed to get this photo because for once the Shark had not positioned himself in a pile of sea Urchins giving me a flat space in front of him to work with, so I lightly touched down on the silt careful as possible, creeped my way toward him ever so slowly, all the while at 30 Meters and running very low on my No Deco Time, but as I got closer he lifted his head, possibly to see me better and that is when I got the shot, one of my all time favorites of these cool little predators.

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