Tiger Tail Sea Horse

Tiger Tail Sea Horse – How To Shoot, That Which Won’t Be Shot


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I’ve talked many times previously about the tricks to successfully shooting Sea Horses, they are inherently shy reef critters who dislike any kind of lighting. Think Angelina Jolie anti Paparazzi level, you have to time your shots and play it smart otherwise you will fail to get the photo you want.

Sea Horses like to turn their backs to the camera pretty much as soon as the natural lighting around them changes, this mean pointing torches at them to show a customer or friend will likely ruin a shot, it is much better to circle the critters with your torch as opposed to directly lighting them up if you are guiding. These days one thing I brief on is that if you see me turning on my big dive lights, I’ve spotted something cool that is worth a photo. So look where I’m pointing my camera and hopefully you will see what I see, plus we get a good photo for you you to take home, as opposed to an average one.

Another thing you will notice about Sea Horses is that they are rarely in great positions to maneuver a large camera rig into. This on for instance was inside some dark red Cactus like Fan Coral, it took some skill to figure out where I could approach him from without damaging the Fan to see if I could get close enough for the macro lenses to be in focus. Eventually I found a way in and snapped three shots, that was all the time I got before he started to disappear deeper into the fan and rocks, very shy, enjoy!

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