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So explaining this image is actually slightly sad. The Scooter is in/on a dive site here in Phuket named Bay 1. When I first arrived and started working in Phuket Bay 1 was my absolute favorite dive site. Macro was absolutely amazing, not something you’d expect from a damaged reef area.

You would easily find, Bent Stick pipe fish, Short Nose Pipe fish, Flounders every where, Eagle rays, High Fin Snake Eels, Stone Fish, Frog fish, Nudi’s everywhere, Cockatoo Wasp fish, Dragonette’s and a tonne more. I loved it for photo days, was easy money selling them after a dive to customers because you’d seen so much!

Sadly the Thai authorities to combat the declining reef in the area decided it was a good idea to drop about 500 concrete cubes on the dive site. You can see them in the background of this shot. The cubes basically destroyed the home of the life that used to live there just to provide something eye catching for Chinese tourists on DSD’s.

The cubes don’t provide much reef or shelter for marine life, so Bay 1 is a wasteland compared to what it once was. Thanks to it’s degraded state, some people have tried adding a little more flare down there with sunken treasures like this scooter. If you can get close to it while no ones on it or dicking about kicking up sand everywhere because, hey, buoyancy control is for losers, it makes for some nice snaps.


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