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Dragon Seamoth – What Was Nature Thinking?


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So what on earth is a Dragon Sea Moth? To be honest, I’m not really sure, though I think that if we combine several other animals from both land and sea and mash them all together you would end up with a Sea Moth.

Is it a fish? Nope, it is actually a member of the Syngnathiformes, meaning it is closer to a Sea Horse than any odd shaped bottom dwellers like a scorpion fish. Though you will find Sea Moths on the bottom travelling in the sand, either slowly walking about or if you annoy them they have the ability to hop and flutter their wings, I would not call it swimming, but more a bunny hop.

Is it a lizard? Nope, but you can be forgiven for mistaken their skin for that of a Thorny Dragon lizard.

Is it a bird? Nope, but it does have wings, modified pectoral fins that resemble those of a mythical dragon, pretty sure that’s how these guys got their name originally. They can spread the wings out, which is rather beautiful or in most cases they tend to tuck them in while hiding. Best chance to see their wings extended is when they are on the move.

Is it an Anteater? Nope, but look at that snoz, it has a massive nose. Or at least we think it’s a nose, because a Sea Moths mouth is underneath it, not part of the snout like that of a Bent Stick Pipe fish, though again you can be forgiven for thinking that.

Is it a Moth? Nope, not a moth either, can’t be sure why it received that part of it’s name, apart from the fact that Sea Moths, do tend to just sit around a lot sorta like a moth on a wall does.

As for taking photos of them, they can be frustrating, very frustrating, they definitely don’t like lights and they will scoot of and keep their tail end facing your camera, front on profile shots are hard to get, but it can be done with some patience.


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