Long Nosed Hawk Fish

Long Nosed Hawk Fish


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It pays to ask the guides if they have any favourite critters or special spots on a dive site where you might find something rare, potentially something you won’t have to contend with other photographers for a chance at snapping.

Whilst in Egypt we did just that on Elphinstone, a very popular dive site with about 5 other liveaboards all diving at the same time we were, so I just wanted to get away from the mess and the guides were happy to tell me about the secret above, Long Nosed Hawk Fish, which love a particular sea fan.

The best part was this fan is deep and that meant less chance of french idiots bombing our photo session with the Hawk Fish. This particular fish is increasing rare these days due to the massive destruction of it’s environment, the delicate sea fans, which they like to live on.

Divers and fishermen both exact a large toll on sea fans with bad buoyancy control while near them and general netting and fishing practices, so finding quality sea fans these days with life still on them is not easy.

Thankfully, this particular sea fan had two, Long Noses hiding inside and one was kind enough to sit still for more than 2 seconds and allow me to get a photo. These are skittish fish, you won’t get much chance to get a photo so get your settings correct before you try!

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